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13th February 2013

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Well, I Didn’t Really Need My Heart Anyway….

SO tonight I watched Under the Red Hood. I’d never seen it before, and a friend is letting me borrow her Netflix, so I was all ‘Ah what the hell, Sure. This could be good.”

…I was so very wrong. 

Which is really pathetic, because I already knew all of Jason’s history. 

But. It just. 

Omg Jason bby come here and let me cuddle you!

Because no one should feel like that. And Joker. And Bruce you melancholy idiot beating yourself up over the wrong failure… (not that I write him any differently, but still. Ahem.)

No Bruce. You didn’t fail him and create this. You fail to understand that he is young and this is how emotions work. 

And Jason. Jason. Bby. You have so much potential. Don’t waste it on this vendetta. Use it. Reach your potential. There’s so much you could do. 


And the very end. Oh Jason you were so excited. So happy. You had purpose and mission and a family. And Bruce was so proud. 

Here. Have my heart. Or the poor broken pieces of it, anyways. Just bury it over there somewhere, I’m sure I won’t need it again. 

Who needs hearts anyways…

[sobs in corner]

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  1. babybirdblues said: I WISH I HAD HAVE BEEN AWAKE. I WOULD HAVE SAID NO. I WOULD HAVE SAID NO AND TOLD YOU TO RUN. RUN FROM THE PAIN. NO. *curls up and sobs over precious babies*
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